I had decided that I wanted to ask Spandana out, but how? Was the big question. I expressed this to Darshan, after the mokery, he gave one brilliant idea just go and ask boldly. I decided that I will go and ask boldly, at the most what would happen I asked myself and knew  she would decline at the most.  Getting slapped for asking out would happen only in movies and people were mature enough to say no in a dignified manner. On a Saturday evening, prior to commencement of the class, I called out Spandana and said “hey, I need to ask you something, can you please be available after the class?”, She smiled and said ” sure, why can’t you ask now?”,  I replied “kinda personal and it’s gonna be long” to which she added “alright see you then” and gave a toothy grin, she had a twinkle in her eyes. I felt like, I was floating in air with joy. 

That day during class I was over excited and caused more nuisance than I normally used to. Every now and then her’s and my eyes met and we both blushed, perhaps she had a hint that I was having a huge crush on her. Everyone were looking at me weirdly, I continued my buffoonery   totally oblivious of the surroundings. Class was about to end and she made a silent gesture where to meet, I pointed my thumb towards the street behind, she gave a thumbs up and we all exited the door of our class teacher’s residence.

I informed Darshan about my intent and asked him wait at our usual place. Spandana sent Shravya and other friends away and came to that street. I was casually waiting on my cycle was having a packet of areca nuts, I don’t chew paan or gutka, but I had just to appear cool. She came near and asked “tell me now”, she appeared cool , I gazed at her eyes, couldn’t muster courage to ask what I actually wanted to ask, but asked “are you having a crush on someone?”, She laughed hard and said “no dude “tears rolled out as usual and she continued “you wanted to ask this only is it ?”, My voice got lowered involuntarily and said “no, but ,” I stopped midway , she made confidant eye contact and asked “but, what?” , I mumbled ” can I have your algebra notes from your school?”, “That’s all huh? Sure come with me, I will give you now only” she replied and we both walked till her home two blocks away, I tried hard to muster courage to come directly to the point but failed. We went near her residence and she asked me to come in and I insisted that I wait outside as it was getting late, she went in came back within few minutes and handed me the book, I glanced at few pages and said “lovely handwriting!” “Thanks and I want it back before Monday” she said. “Sure, I ll return it during tomorrow’s class” I replied and rode away. To be frank, I never glanced a single page or solve a single problem from her notes, I returned it promptly the next day.


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