Entry of the villain.

One of my friend named Suresh was being paired and teased with Spandana, this pairing resulted in her  being teased among her schoolmates as well, but she was a good sport and would give a hearty laugh and let go of it. However it reached the ears of one guy named Kiran, who was in 12th or (2nd PU as per Karnataka education board), who was smitten by her when she had entered Digvijaya highschool for her 8th grade while he was in 10th grade in the same school. Now he was in Digvijaya PU college, he had some younger friends in Spandana’s and people teasing reached him through them. He by nature was not a bully but wouldn’t take shit, he was amongst top scorers in his batch, also he had quite a few bad habits like chewing gutka, smoking and drinking, they were big scandals back in that age also cool factor.

One day after our tutorials during the holidays, Suresh and I were walking towards our home. One guy was waiting in the street corner on his bicycle, he was athletic and tall owing to regular basketball​ practice and sported a spiked hairstyle with bronze coloured spikes, that was Kiran. He enquired who was Suresh near the gate of our class teacher and someone pointed him towards us, he came and asked us the same question and Suresh answered he was, “whom are in love with?” Kiran asked authoritatively, Suresh replied coolly “no one”, “don’t you lie you asshole” replied Kiran, “why will I ?”, questioned Suresh, “aren’t you in love with Spandana ?” He asked , “no” responded Suresh. 

Kiran pulled him towards a major drainage wall to warn him privately, I could see him make warning gestures while saying something and let him go after few minutes. Suresh came towards me as cool and calm as he normally is and said “some childish moron, he warned me saying not to talk to talk to Spandana And also convey the same to other boys, he also said no boy should talk to her without his permission”, “oh!” I responded, trying to cover my fear and act as normal as possible, I didn’t want anyone that I could be easily scared, I further added to prove I was not scared ,”what will he do, does he have the guts to attack us?” Saying this we bought a snack from a roadside vendor and left for the day.


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