The after effects of music competition.

I was feeling miserable for missing the music competition in which my first ever crush would be singing, secondly I was curious regarding the ‘hole’ that helped us escape from the school and happy looking at the empty Madhavan park. We wanted to play something to kill time, but we didn’t  even have a tennis ball to play catches. So we started discussing about our respective crushes, Darshan was crazy about Bhavya, he insisted that everyone should have to accept they feel for someone to elbowed me to explain my feel on Spandana, I replied I didn’t have any  and probed regarding Aishwarya, he always addressed her as Baldwin’s girl, I ignored his rants as usual and stayed put and looked at the clear blues December skies of Bangalore. Then thankfully he changed the topic to movies, he was a bigtime film buff. I looked at my watch and realised that it was almost 4:45 and we had to attend tuitions at 5:30 and we didn’t have cycles that day, so Darshan and I decided to walk from Madhavan park, all the way till interiors of NR colony , it is one straight road, but roughly 4 kilometres. We walked so carelessly and spoke so loudly, passers-by would stop to glance at us, uncivilized and in uniform. We abused each other in a jovial way and hurled abuses on every family member of people we mutually hated. Tie had been lowered, shirt untucked and first two buttons opened.

As soon as we entered our class teacher’s hall, he scolded us for being so unkempt and also he had heard us swear, we hadn’t noticed him ride past us on his hero Honda Splendor. He said you both will never learn anything and allowed us to sit, we sat silently. After few minutes Spandana came in, everyone started clapping and then I realised that she had won the competition and I had missed her song, I gave an angry look to Darshan. Shravya came and sat next in the next row, I asked her “you lost right the competition right?” and smiled mockingly, “bugger off, loafer!” She replied angrily, I could sense she was upset and jealous at the same time, Spandana who sat next to her whispered to me “how was my song?” To which I replied, “I was in Madhavan park as I had bunked” , Shravya exclaimed in a shock, Spandana responded” you are really an idiot” , I could notice she was upset I had missed her song. I hated Darshan to the core that day, he resumed his regular monkey antics, Spandana and I looked at each other multiple times that day, I had a strange feeling of unexplainable joy and longing simultaneously.


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