A day in the life of an IT engineer.

Life of an IT engineer, well not all that glossy and glamourous as it seems, especially for a person who despised that line all his life and who always dreamt of working on awesome stuff like energy and power. Especially when you are supporting a customer who can’t speak English, well atleast not in an accent that you follow. People in other industries envy you, especially your classmates from Mechanical engineering class, those lucky assholes who managed to get to work on stuff they were trained to do.

As per Indian scale you are being paid peanuts and made to work with those people who can’t use a machine that’s dumb as shit, yes, they work at a time when Sun is directly looking at their cities while our city is plunged in darkness, with constant howling of dogs like we do on our headphones, ghosts, well have vacated the city after being unable to tolerate humans invading their life. You may work for a fancy multinational with fancy sounding names or work for some local firm, it’s all the same, you dress like a slob.

 Boring meetings, disgusting team outings, everyone seems so nice that they would put your closest and most trusted friends to shame, however they would bloody abandon you the day you quit the organization, of course out of sight is out of mind. Agreed employment is important, that doesn’t imply to sell your souls for few extra bucks. Did we all study different branches of engineering to work on same stuff? First of all choosing engineering when our passion lied elsewhere was a bigger mistake than joining a IT firm. Few brave ones who opt a course other than  engineering would end up earning more and being happy at the same time, however being mocked by your neighbors or relatives, but would also set up businesses hiring IT professionals, just like a major entertainment firm hiring engineers to resolve their technical issues. Maybe they would be avenging the insults thrown at them during their student year by comparing with engineering counterparts.

Lawyer working his ass off to resolve an issue with some moronic issue, instead of arguing for something that’s worth his degree, or an English language expert instead of working on teaching the language or use it to  write amazing stuff would work on servers and trying to understand the language of the machine by analyzing it’s logs.

This will not end, well I do not have the power to change it for everyone, but I surely have to change for me. 


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