The misfits among the misfits.

The next day, after the embarrassing episode of being publicly mocked for my theory of universe and secretly appreciated, both by my class teacher, at the tutorial class of my class teacher, he started a new chapter called Electro magnetic induction, after walking through Faraday’s laws, which I had learnt previous year, I asked him why can’t we use a dynamo to run a car, everyone laughed as usual, my class teacher explained it would not generate sufficient electricity to power a car and to accomplish that we need to use a huge magnet which would increase weight and hinder speed, I probed further why can’t we use a supermagnet and latest lightweight magnetic material, ofcourse I was being ridiculous at this point, I had not considered studying material science. Which was pointed by my class teacher, he was amazed that I was looking for something new always, he mocked me affectionately this time saying that I was the craziest person he had ever seen his 16 years of career, as usual everyone laughed, my eyes of course scanned for Spandana, she did not react this time, as our eyes met, she just gave a smile, I smiled back.

After the physics class, we had social studies, it was being taught by a college lecturer, it was usual practice to make Darshan sit in front row, I followed Darshan, he shouted at me to sit where I was already seated, I made myself comfortable and sat next to Raghunath. He was teaching a lesson on Rajputs, Shravya was being teased by pairing her with a guy named Niranjan, our lecturer to make the class interesting narrated a story of Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Samyuktha, Darshan compared Niranjan to Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Shravya to Samyuktha and Niranjan’s cycle to Chetak, the famous horse of Pritvi Raj Chauhan. Everyone guffawed, Shravya made an action saying she will slap Darshan, she was red with embarrassment, to add to the alternative history I compared Darshan to Mohammed Ghori, who will ultimately get killed by blinded Pritvi Raj Chauhan. Everyone laughed even more. Our social studies leacturer got mad asked us both to take our bag and go out, Darshan replied casually, “Sir I have not got my bag, can I just take my notebook and go out?” , Our teacher lost his cool and threw a piece of chalk on Darshan and thundered to get out, we both walked out laughing in our sleeves. Darshan while going out of the gate, released air from our social studies leacturer’s scooter tyres, I asked him “are you crazy, you moron, as we are sent out, he will know it’s us for sure”,Darshan replied coolly saying “we are misfits among the misfits, he will know it’s us even if we were not to be sent out”.


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