The Revelation

It was a known fact that I was addicted to Orkut, after that fiasco with Aishwarya, the addiction kind of phased down, she even had removed me from the friendlist. Few years later I found her on Facebook, she even had sent a friend request on the new social media, I had plainly rejected it. But I was addicted to browsing various things on net, philosophy and physics being the primary searches. I was, in a way was able to decipher the meaning “aham Brahmasmi” of Adi Shankara, using that as the foundation, I came up with my own theory of universe.

I assumed that the energy getting created, by an all pervading consciousness, of course defying the 1st law of thermodynamics, also the destruction of energy again defying, I assumed on the factor that the universe we dwell is designed only to convert energy received from the point which I called as the Brahmic point, to mass and other forms of energy. The Brahmic point was the point where energy gets created and destroyed, the point on the universe which receives the energy as the cosmic point. I assumed that the Brahmic point was a kind of thought that was beyond our perception of mass, space and time. I assumed that multiple universes gets created and destroyed simultaneously at the Brahmic point. I wrote the idea on a piece of paper and shared with my class teacher at his residence, he read it aloud mockingly and everyone laughed at it, I felt humiliated but stayed quiet. After the daily tuitions, our class teacher asked everyone except me to leave, I stayed, Darshan and Indrajith made a gesture saying that they would stay at the road corner.

Everyone left,  Lakshmisha Sir was alone that day, his wife and children had gone out to a family event, he said “are you upset?”, “No Sir” I responded, “Bhaskara, do not feel bad , your idea is just fantastic and something that’s beyond your age, I had to mock it because I had to stop you  from incepting these kind of ideas among your batch mates, few come low income families and if they clear 10th at least they may end with atleast an entry level clerical post, not everyone are born with privileges like you and nor are they ambitious as you are, don’t give up these ideas either, when time is right you can use them” he said this affectionately and ruffled my hair, “thank you sir”  I replied and gave a faint smile, “go now and loaf around with that loafer friend of your’s” he said obviously referring to Darshan, I laughed hard and pedalled harder as soon as I left his gate.


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