I am,what, I am!

December of 2005 was proceeding smoothly, Aishwarya would send me messages on Orkut, at one point of time she even called my landline, to good luck my brother answered and handed over the phone to me, we spoke about everything under the sun. She spoke about her dream of starting a charitable trust, educating the underprivileged, building homes for less fortunate, I wished her good luck, and she asked about my dream, I replied harvest greener and cleaner energy and utilize the same to power automobiles, she probed further, I said I would like to invent a new technique for the same and get it patented and make exorbitant amount of money and lead the life king-size, her voice suddenly changed argumentative, that was the first time I heard her like that, she said “it’s a sin to amass more than what’s required” , without losing my cool I responded “I live for myself and I have every right to live like I wish”, she added “just because you are privileged enough to get educated you do not have right to snatch other’s opportunities”, “okay, what do you suggest I do, in case I invent something awesome” I asked mockingly, “keep what’s required and donate to the society” was her response, “why?” I asked again, “there are people striving to get one single meal daily” she added , “how am I responsible to their fate?” , “You are Not, but you have a moral obligation to help them”, “I do not believe that philosophy, I believe in survival of the fittest” I further added, “capitalistist ass!” saying this , she disconnected. I pondered over her ideas, I concluded they are overly idealistic and impractical, but sent a “sorry, I hurt you” on her Orkut scrapbook, later that day, she responded immediately “that’s alright, tell me frankly are you really a materialistic humanbeing?” “Maybe, I love bikes, cars and watches” I typed, “so you do not care about society?” she asked, “I care about nature, if that’s what you mean?” I replied, to which “so you are least bothered about other people’s suffering?” She added, “I do, but I more concerned about environment and wildlife” I answered, “I thought you to be a sweet guy, but you are not, you are like everyone else” she added, I replied  “well, I am, what, I am”, that was the last I spoke with her.


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