The electric shock.

November 2005 was an eventful month, I was struggling for few spare notes to go to a cyber cafe to chat with Aishwarya, also had spend time studying, attend tuitions and regular street cycle races. While things were never as beautiful.

Mr.Krishnamurthy would never explain anything, he would read out the paragraph heading as a question and dictate the entire para as an answer, I clearly remember this answer, the question was “what is resurrection?”, the answer he made us write was ” when Jesus Christ passed away on the  cross, 3 days later his body was not found in the cross, he was resurrected and he travelled east to spread Christianity “, the answer he made us write was for spread of Christianity. 
One day during Mr.Krishnamurthy Sir’s class, we started tapping the ground making huge noises, we knew he would get irritated, “who is that third rated loafer!??” , he would swear at slightest hissing noise. Mahesh the class clown started to tap the ground, the canvas shoes made unpleasant noise and everyone picked up the rhythm and started making that noise. “Eat shit you bastards” he swore again, we stopped for a second and started hissing, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??! I AM LORD ANGRY NARASIMHA, I WILL SUCK RAW BLOOD OUT OF YOUR VEINS”, he thundered, we couldn’t control our laughter adding further to his irritation. He noticed that one seat in the desk behind my desk was empty, he came and sat next to guy named Monish, he appeared innocent but he was an absolute “criminal”, one person named Divakar in the middle row threw a toy towards Monish, which would give mild electric shock, it had an appearance like a Wrigley’s chewing gum, which caught Krishnamurthy Sir’s attention, he snatched it from Monish as  expected and asked what it was, Monish promptly replied chewing gum, Krishnamurthy sir said “I will take one” and pulled it, which gave him a shock and he hissed, also entire class which was eagerly watching this burst out laughing, he got so psyched that day, “Fuckin pigs, Bastards, will you do the same to your father” he screamed. We were unable stop laughing, he rushed towards the exit saying he will bring our class teacher, while he was near the exit door, we in chorus hissed again. He in anger roared ” SHAMELESS BASTARDS!”.


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