The Crush.

Ever since I got to know of Orkut, I was hooked on to it. Aishwarya would enter messages on my scrapbook, we would end up chatting on it, after chatting and when it was time for us to get back to books, we would make sure we deleted all the things we chatted. Orkut lacked that privacy feature, slowly my friend list started increasing, I didn’t want them to know I had a friend from one of the top schools of Bangalore, so I took extra care not leave any “dangerous looking scrap” on my scrapbook. Darshan became my friend and he became a “fan” a feature of Orkut. He noticed few of my fan lis t which were mostly my cousins and Aishwarya’s name grasped his attention, he noticed that she was from Baldwin’s, next day he came and demanded an explanation, then I had explain him everything that  happened on the interschool quiz day. He gave a wide grin and looked at me like he was going kill me slyly.

It so happened, we both became very close. One day she had typed “wassuup baby??”, owing to cash crunch I was finding it hard to visit cyber cafe, Darshan wanted to post some nonsense on my scrapbook and he noticed it. He pedalled all the way to my home to ask about this particular scrap, using the pretext of collecting notes and he started speaking weirdly, when I could no longer bear his non sense, I demanded an actual reason for his behavior, he started laughing hard mentioned about the scrap, I was happy and scared at the same time, as was the case of Schrödinger’s cat, which was dead and alive simultaneously. I begged my mother to part me with 10 rupees to go to cyber cafe, she finally budged in and gave what I wanted, I ran to the slow cyber cafe behind my street, I logged in and found that scrap, I was mad with joy, I typed hi on her scrapbook, all under the  supervision of Darshan, she responded “my loafer finally found time to chat with me”, Darshan started giggling. I typed ” hey let’s not talk to each other like this” was about to send but Darshan stopped me from doing it. I just responded “wat r u doin?” And started chatting for more than an hour. Shopkeeper came and reminded us that I had extended by half an hour and the cost was 20 rupees, I bargained with him and promised him that I will give him over the weekend. 

No she wasn’t my first crush, in fact I never had any such nonsense towards her, she was just a friend who was different yet similar to me. But Darshan assumed I had a crush on her and started teasing me with her in public, so unofficially she was considered my first crush.


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