One of the many failed reunione and a wedding invitation!

Every batch has a guy, who would love to stay in touch and always takes the initiative to reunite the old gang, few would have moved yet oblige to meet once in a while and there are few who would have completely moved on in their lives, few self worshiping pricks who think they have won an nobel award and their peers are unsuccessful bastards. 

These days staying in touch ain’t so hard, we have a whatsapp group and there are few admins in that group, who’s job is to add new members to the group and trying real hard to maintain the class strength we once had, the group had nearly half the strength of our class, which is less than 50% efficiency, coming from a Mechanical engineering background, 50% efficiency under practical conditions was an amazing thing.

On one day, one of classmate sent a message saying his marriage had fixed and he wanted to meet on a Saturday near our school building, he was hoping to meet few teachers and invite them as well, many congratulated him on the whatsapp group, few agreed to meet, I was one of them and we had agreed to meet at 11:30 AM, knowing my friends and their fantastic time sense, I went there by 12:45PM and observed I was still the first, slowly few started turning up and ultimately the bridegroom, he invited us to the wedding and we all promised to attend it the following week. 

Wedding invitation was successful and only 8 people turned up, making it one of the many failed reunions.


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