Vote for ??

Our class had popular game, it was called as vote for, although it was started by the notorious class clown Mahesh, everyone picked it up, Sashwat and few other nerds were more than often the butt end of such practical jokes.

One day Sashwat was studying during lunch silently, every other guy was running around in the prayer hall, creating noise in the classroom, but Sashwat was totally involved in mugging up few mathematical equations, in contrast to my preparation method of deriving equations when required. He was so involved, Mahesh started screaming at the top of his voice the election slogan “vote for??”, he was holding his blazer stretched in two of his hands like a matador holding the red cloth. While repeating those words he put the blazer on Sashwat’s face from behind and answered his own question “Sashwat” and started beating him, other found it funny, especially Darshan he came running out of nowhere and gave a swift kick on Sashwat’s rear and joined others in beating him.

It was not violent, it was fun, even I have been beaten so was Darshan, Raghunath and every other boy, we used to take it sportingly, but Sashwat started victimizing himself and was perpetual sweet boy.However that game was a popular classroom activity during lunch, I learnt to be alert at all times, especially when people have blazers in hand.


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