Remember the name!

Mr. Krishnamurthy used to teach us social studies in 9th standard, he was one miserable little man, he would lose his cool over little things such people making hissing noise, we used to make that noise deliberately to get his reaction which was ridiculously humorous. As mentioned previously he used chase the “wrong doers” round the prayer hall, over the staircase and on the school ground, sometimes he would also chase students through the green streets of N.R Colony in Basavangudi till the busy N.R Colony market street where the “criminal minded” youngsters would give him a slip, and he would end up swearing right in the middle of the street.

One day after the school hours, Darshan and I were chatting on the pavilion, he confessed that he still had feelings for Bhavya and asked if I had any towards Spandana and offered we could go on a double date, I was shocked as he still had the guts for another date despite the previous fiasco, I replied “when the fuck did I tell that I have a crush on her ? And have you no shame to repeat the same fucking shit”, Darshan laughed uncontrollably and said “I have seen how you talk with other and her, I have seen the difference”, I noticed Mr. Krishnamuthy was leaving for the day he was slowly gaining pace on his TVS moped, ignoring Darshan’s rant and shouted at the top of my voice ” OSssssssssssss” and jumped on the ground, ran towards the Vijaya college compound adjoining our school ground, jumped over it and finally escaped through the  Vijaya college gate and was waiting for the bus, I prayed he wouldn’t come near the bus stop chasing me, I was sure he would follow the bus till the next stop, make sure he would catch me and take an apology from me right in the middle of the road. 

To my bad luck, he came riding his moped to the bus stop, got off his vehicle and held my collar, he shouted ” third rated loafer, will you shout at your father also like this?” While he did that, I wished I had a glass with wiper to wipe off spit that flew from his mouth. I replied “no Sir, no sir, really sorry , I promise Sir” pretending to be repentant, he asked ” which class ?” He was trying to locate me in one of the sections he taught, I replied”9th D, Sir “, to which he responded ” Lakshmisha Sir is your class teacher right?, I will take you to the head master tomorrow and see to it that you are thrown out, BHSS is not for scoundrels like you” to which I further  added “Sir, please forgive me one last time, I will not repeat this again” saying this I gave an innocent expression, I observed that he was getting manipulated and falling for my words, he asked “what’s your name?” , I replied “Holla, Bhaskar Holla”, he further replied ” Bhaskar Holla, 9th D , I will remember the name”, saying this he rode away. 

Darshan was hiding in the Adigas cafe behind the bus stop, he came to gain clarity on what had happened, I lied saying he just asked my name and I told my name added that he remember my name, Darshan gave a weird look and said let’s go.


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