First eye contact

First month of 9th grade proceeded smoothly, it was July 2005 already. Mornings at school and evenings private tutorials at our class teacher Mr. Lakshmisha Sharma’s residence, since it was a private tutorials, students from other schools would also come owing to the reputation of our class teacher. Number of students enrolled had increased to a good number from 8 students of our batch.

Sanskrit was being taught by a teacher named Mr.Divakar Bhat at our class teacher’s tutorials, he was from a school named Sri Sharada Vidhya Mandira, or shortly called as SSVM. He was a good teacher who had just started his teaching career but had a good hold on the subject. He was a no nonsense man however we troubled to the core during the classes by being total morons. Sanskrit was usually taught from 5pm to 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays, which was followed by science or Mathematics based on the timetable.

On one Thursday, during Sanskrit class, a girl came with her father, our class teacher sent her inside the class and was having a word with her father. Our Sanskrit teacher asker her name, she replied her name was Spandana Kamat and she was from Digvijaya high school, which was few blocks away from our school, her eyes were bright and she had a cheerful and well groomed look, she had tied her hair into a single plait, she was tone fairer than me. To my bad luck, our teacher asked me a grammatical question from Sanskrit, I gave a ridiculous answer thinking it was the right one, every one burst out laughing, I felt slightly embarrassed but noticed Spandana was also laughing, she looked at me, our eyes met and she gave a warm smile, that was it, I started feeling strange, unusually happy and ecstatic, I noticed that eyes start shedding tears while laughing, which I found incredibly adorable.

After the Sanskrit class our class teacher started a lesson in algebra, I was mad beyond measure, I started creating more nuisance than before just to gain her attention, I observed that she was also staring at me. After the class I was hanging out with my friends, she came with Shravya and asked with traces of coastal Kannada influence “you are Bhaskar Holla, right? ” and then with a tint of naughty sarcasm “you are extremely famous in our school too”, saying this she started to giggle and walked away by looking at me continuously, I stayed dumbstruck, Darshan was observing this and looked at me with a teasing look, I just said bye and rode hard towards my home.


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