Back to school.

After a depressing month of May 2005, the school reopened in June and I was looking forward to getting back. Darshan had reached early and was chatting with Bhavya, apparently her father had stopped being a moron or perhaps he got tired or perhaps he realized the importance of fuel and the futility of even trying to curb the feelings of that age. I felt like punching him on the face after all the shit we had been in the past. She saw me and greeted me with a smile further fueling my confusion, I responded courteously. Darshan gleamed and I gave a weird look to him.Indrajith came in his new bicycle, excitement and pride was visible on his face, it was nice bicycle with gears and suspension. Raghunath came did a high five to all of us and looked surprised when he noticed Bhavya chatting with us and gave questioning look to me, I just shrugged without uttering a word and gave an equally blank expression.

Everyone entered the prayer Hall, new batch had taken our place and our batch had moved to the senior level, new faces everywhere, it was the dream school for few aspiring cricketers and people who wanted to have fun. Our headmaster gave his usual speech about how strict our school was, how amazing our teachers are and other non-sense.

After the prayers we all entered the classrooms and we settled down. Darshan wanted to trouble Sashwat yet again, I asked him to not to do that right on the first day, he stopped me midway and sat in the first bench to everyone’s shock. He made sure Sashwat sat next to him on outer side of the desk, during the second hour, which was taken by a lecturer named Mrs. Leelavathi, nice woman, who had tremendous knowledge but had zero capacity to control the class, everyone knew she could be taken for a ride, while she was teaching medieval history, Darshan suddenly pushed Sashwat, who was concentrating, making him fall on the ground much to the amazement of everyone. Not that we were insensitive, at that age we used to laugh at everything. That’s where I learnt to laugh at myself.


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