First tryst with loneliness

April of 2005 went like a breeze, football, swimming, cycle rides and books. Celebrated my birthday with my family, things were going good, my mother went to spend few days in my materngrandmother’s place with my aunts, I would also go with her during my younger days, but back then I was a teenager who wanted independence and hence stayed back in my home. Father came from Chennai for the weekend and took me for a jog in Krishna Rao park followed by masala dose in MTR, our family shares a emotional connect with that classic restaurant near Lalbagh in Bangalore, as my paternal grandfather had worked in that restaurant as a chef for nearly 60 years. On the Sunday night my father left for Chennai and my brother went on a trip with his friends for his study vacation, as was the trend with engineering students of Bangalore.

I was alone with my paternal grandmother, she would spend time watching soaps, she is overly protective towards me, so she didn’t want me go to library on my cycle fearing the steadily increasing traffic. Those were the days without cellular phones, let alone whatsapp. Orkut and Facebook were slowly entering our lives and the charm of realtime social connect slowly fading away.

Darshan went to his native village in Mandya along with his mother to spend remaining few weeks of the summer vacation. To makes things worse, my other friends in my street  got busy with something or the other. I learnt the value of friends at that time, my brother had put a password to his computer, I had finished reading all the books I had with me, so literally I was very lonely. I would stay in my room painting and sketching, I was on the verge of getting depressed, if it wasn’t for my love for flying kites and paper planes, I would collect pamphlets that came with newspapers and make planes out of it. Pleasant evening winds of May, gave some relief to bored mind. Many years later I came to terms with loneliness and accepted the fact that not everyone will be present at all times, ever since I started to earn I had sufficient money to buy books, of course technology had ruined our lifestyles and started to embrace introversion.


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