Summer of 2005

With school term completed, I had all the time in the world, to swim, to cook, to read and contemplate. I would wonder how universe came into existence, academicians advocating big bang theory and creationists advocating god created the universe, after listening or reading the arguments on the each side, I would ask “why?”, no one gave me an answer. I started reading Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief history of time” which was not decipherable by a 14 year brain. Was time a linear variable or cyclic illusion, while on numerous discussions with my brother, I came across parallel universe theory, back then we did not have internet connection at our homes, so people had to rely on cyber cafes, which were present on every road, providing ridiculously slow internet at rupees 20 per hour and made a thriving business back then. Of course I was forbidden from going there alone also I wouldn’t have cash to browse every day, so had to rely on the books from the public library in the BDA complex close to my home, the old school way.

I was not able to find suitable material regarding parallel universe theory so I came up with my own theory, considering the universe where we dwell as the datum universe, on side would have the past events and on the other side the future of our datum universe. Fantasized travelling across the universe back then. When I would not think all these, I did have few friends in my street, I would play football with them at a ground nearby, sometimes we would play till the ground keeper would turn off the lights. Darshan would come to my home as he enjoyed the company of friends in my street. Last, but not the least there were our regular cycle rides, exploring new roads and localities, we managed to find a hill in our locality, which remained our regular meeting place till someone built an apartment on it while we were in our last year of college.


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