Smooth sail

After the trip, we returned to school the next day, there were no issues that occupied our minds, time was spent in playing, cycling and occasional studies. I was a part of the school hockey team we went against St.John’s High School and lost, we did not feel bad as St.John’s were the stalwarts of hockey and other high intensity sports. Remaining few months of the term proceeded smoothly, Darshan stayed in his limits, Mahesh did not provoke anyone, no one provoked me, we pulled each other’s leg often but all in good humour, Raghunath stopped studying with Sashwath and joined the “fun” gang, Sashwath and Vaidehi’s friendship strengthened. Before we could realize final exam was just a month away, I stopped attending classes as I realized I am a self learner and cannot follow other’s instructions and from that day I would utilize every opportunity to miss classes till the completion of my bachelor’s degree. Physics and chemistry was easy, Darshan would come to my home for guidance and would end up playing on my brother’s computer, my brother got more serious about our exams in comparison to his exam, so he locked his computer with the password, which apparently was because I accidentally found a folder full of documents and videos which was used during his sessions of “romance with the monitor”.

Final exams finally dawned and I was somehow able to clear the subjects with flying colors and managed to top in science, english and sanskrit, much to annoyance of my rivals, firstly Sashwath followed by Vaidehi, Bhavya and few others. Darshan cleared with a decent score and celebrated my score to irritate Sashwath. Before we could realize we all had completed 8th standard and had stepped into 9th standard with just 2 more years remaining to end our school life.


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