The trip

Our school had a science and mathematics club, from that club a trip was organized to a famous biscuit factory followed by a water treatment plant in Tippagondanhalli on the outskirts of Bangalore city. The biscuit factory on the busy highway, was easier to reach back then than today, we “observed” all the processes involved in manufacturing of biscuits and its packaging. We had our lunch outside the biscuit factory, a typical Bangalorean  lunch, with bisibelebath and spiced up curd rice with few pieces of brand less potato chips, in a huge open ground, which is now a bus building yard. As mentioned previously I was in section “D” and I used attend tutorial classes at my class teacher’s residence. In section “C” which was also a first language Sanskrit section, was a girl named Anvitha, she and I were the first ones to attend tutorials, she, because her parents felt syllabi was tough and I because my parents thought they needed a control over me, gradually others started to attend. Darshan and I were quite well known among other classes owing to our notorious history, although he was not part of the science ckub, Anvitha thought it was cool to show to her classmates that she knew me personally, so she called out my name with such audacity but in a friendly way, mainly to express her closeness with me, I did not like being called so lightly, it was because of all the false pride that had reached my head. I responded arrogantly, she felt insulted, she cursed and joined her gang. I felt nothing that day, few days later I apologized and we remain good friends even today.

Later that day we reached Tippagondanhalli water treatment plant, we observed various water treatment techniques, equipments used there were still old fashioned but effective. Sashwat was also present in the club and naturally had come to the trip, Darshan had asked me to trouble Sashwat in his absence, in some or the other way. After being victorious in the interclass cricket tournament, Mahesh had begun to share a good camaraderie with Darshan and I, we came up with a plan to vent out our evil intentions, there was a short tempered teacher named Krishnamurthy, who would get annoyed if anyone made hissing noise, he was a social studies teacher, but I have no clue what he was doing in a trip organized for science “enthusiasts”, students would unnecessarily make hissing noise and he would chase them till he caught them, boys at that age group were naturally energetic and mischievous and they would enjoy being chased. After catching them he would make them touch his feet and take an apology letter at times, occasionally would give a caning which again would end looking ridiculously humorous to others, he was frustrated with that noise being used to mock him for years together.

I started hissing, hearing that noise everybody present started  hissing, mostly boys from all the three grades, 8th, 9th and 10th , of course few fun loving girls. As soon as this noise was heard, Krishnamurthy Sir, lost his cool and owing his local upbringing and as with the culture of our school, shouted ” who the hell is that third rated loafer!!??”  Mahesh promptly screamed , “Sashwat” and playfully pointed his finger towards Sashwat, everyone joined the chorus and Sashwat’s name echoed the sleepy town of Tippagondanhalli. Krishnamurthy Sir grabbed Sashwat by his ear and pulled him aside, Sashwat swore he was innocent and to his bad luck , Sir asked me if it was him who made that noise, I innocently nodded yes. Sashwat being punished by a teacher was a visual treat back then to every boy in our class and of course to some girls.


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