The Match.

As the day of our first match against ‘9th B’ in the interclass cricket series neared, the cricketers in my class pulled up their socks and started practicing, like they say in Sanskrit “yuddha kaale shastrabhyasa”. Darshan was a known hard hitter when it came to batting and an amazing fielder, who’s direct hits to the stumps from far were legendary, Indrajith was a amazing wicket keeper and his camaraderie with Darshan would do wonders in stumping the rival batsmen. Raghunath was a dangerous bowler, his height favoured him in his bowling speed, he was also good fielder. Mahesh the class clown would protect the other side of the crease by not getting out and thus help hard hitters like Darshan and another boy named Adithya, who reached such a level as to represent Karnataka in Ranji trophy, but stopped his career in cricket to focus on his MBA and a career in banking. The team limit was 7 members  and number of overs restricted to 10, owing to shortage of time. Our class team had Darshan, Adithya, Raghunath, Mahesh Indrajith, Bhargav and Rishab.

Adithya was the captain, who even captained our school a year later, he decided that Darshan and him would open the batting on our side followed by Raghunath, Mahesh, Indrajith, Bhargav and Rishab respectively. Bowling would start by Bhargav and continue as follows Raghunath, Rishab, Mahesh, Raghunath, Bhargav and Mahesh. Our class won the toss and chose to field first. First ball went for a 6 infuriating Bhargav, who slowed the delivery, the ball floated in the air and hit the mid stump on the second delivery. Raghunath took 2 wickets and he gave only 5 runs from his 2 overs, one wicket due to batsman getting bowled and second wicket was a run out owing to splendid throw by Darshan and equally splendid stumping by Indrajith. Darshan took magnificient catches for Rishab’s delivery. Mahesh gave maximum runs on the last over. They scored 79 from 10 overs and 5 wickets.

Darshan and Adithya entered the pitch.Darshan faced the delivery first and Adithya was on other side of the delivery. Darshan hit a 4 on first ball and on second delivery they took a single run, Adithya hit a 6 on the third ball, ran 2 runs on the 4th ball. Adithya took a high shot and was caught out.Raghunath entered the pitch and took a single run and was on the batting end in the second over. We had 14 runs from 1 over with 1 wicket. Raghunath was hitting only ground shots, taking only single runs annoying Darshan a bit, he had taken 4 runs from 2 balls on the 3rd ball he hit a single giving the batting to Darshan, Darshan hit 2 consecutive sixes. We had 29/1 in 2 overs and had 51 runs from 8 overs to win. At the end of the 2nd over Darshan and Raghunath did a high five, forgetting their mutual grudge, its amazing to see what sport does to betterment of the society, I feel one sport should be made compulsory for ever child going to school. Raghunath was caught out the third over, with 2 wickets down, runs started to slow down. Mahesh knew he cannot hit like Darshan, so he would hit a single and allow Darshan to bat. Darshan gained his composure after he and Mahesh scored 45 runs from 4 overs, so we were 74/2 in 8 overs. In the 9th over Darshan noticed that the confidence level in Mahesh had increased so he took a single and  allowed Mahesh to bat, Mahesh hit a 6 on the last ball taking our team to victory. After the match all the boys who were watching the match ran towards the ground and lifted each member of the team and danced in joy to our heartss content. I put my arm on Raghunath’s shoulder and as soon as he turned towards me, we hugged each other, Darshan and Indrajith came running out of nowhere and jumped on us thus making all of us fall on the ground. In the process pushing the enemity away forever.


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