The lovelorn

After the scandalous episode of going to the movie, Bhavya was being dropped and picked up by her father or her uncle everyday, she rarely spoke in the class and would look away from Darshan even if their eyes happened to meet accidentally. Darshan tried talking to her during the break, but she would behave as if she didn’t see or hear him, agitating him further. He would come to me and mull over it, I would tell him to “shut the fuck up and focus on the future” and he would reply to me saying “you are a heartless jerk and big emotionless asshole”, despite that he would stick with me.

I would sink myself amidst the sea of books published by “Rashtrothanna publication” on great people like saints, philosophers, scientists and Indian freedom fighters, as I read,  I fell in love with Sir Michael Faraday’s theory of Electromagnetic induction and use of the dynamo, I wondered if the dynamo can be utilized to generate electricity and the same energy can be utilized to run an automobile, I felt so jubilant that I thought I had found an alternative to fossil fuels, only to realize few years later while studying thermodynamics in my engineering college that such a system was impossible and why.

Darshan would get mad at me as I always would change topic when he spoke about his heartbreak, for God’s sake he was 13 and I was 13, there were lot of things for each of us to attain before ending up in such crap. To cheer him up I asked him to join me in my hockey practice, he picked up a stick and played with such intensity he felt relieved to a great extent, thats the only solution I use even now, if I am down over  something, I run till I fell tired and sudden gusts of oxygen intake would cheer me up and energize me, I am addicted to the release of endomorphins after a good run. He felt relieved and realized workout is the greatest solution to any kind of mental anguish. From the next morning onwards he started practicing cricket with such dedication and discipline, he became a lot more cheerful and developed high level of patience.  Slowly he stopped talking about her and made tremendous progress his healing his mental wounds.

To calm the tensed atmosphere that had creeped in,  we got a chance to soothe our minds and unite the spirit of our class bonhomie once again, interclass cricket matches got announced and was scheduled for the following week. Which could be a great morale booster for Darshan as he obviously was the star player. Darshand and I got a chance to end the rivalry with Raghunath.


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