The scandal

After conclusion of the movie, we all came out of the cinema hall, stating I had some other personal work I left immediately. They stayed there for sometime to have the bajji sold by the roadside vendor in front of the theatre. Darshan had forced me to part with the hidden 20 rupees, I had to give in without any choice.

While they were enjoying the bajjis, Mahesh, class clown and perpetual troublemaker saw them on his way back from his Saturday cricket match which would most often end up in a fight. Bhavya noticed him observe them. They all freaked out, Darshan remained calm and greeted him casually and requested him to keep it a secret, Mahesh agreed at the moment, but he was not the one to keep quiet.

Bhavya had given a miss to tutorials and had come to the movie. She went home after the movie only to realize her father had to gone to her tutorial classes on his way back from work only to know that she had not attended, perhaps he thought of taking her to a eatery after that, her father did not say anything but her mother gave her a caning with by pulling out a long twig from a branch of a tree in her courtyard, in the process creating a huge scene in front her neighbours.

Darshan called me on my landline, I took the cordless and went outside my home to talk, it was “confidential” and I didn’t want my family to overhear our conversation. He told me about bein spotted by Mahesh, from his voice I knew he was paranoid, I found it hilarious, but culled the urge to laugh and calmed him by promising him to take care of the issue. One thing I didn’t realize then was, my ass also needed protection.

Following day was a Sunday, Bhavya’s father went to our class teacher’s residence and complained about Darshan misleading his daughter. Misleading others was one thing Darshan couldn’t do,he just asked her out and she agreed to come.

One thing that still puzzles me is, parents who can’t control their children would take their problems to the teachers, without realizing that those teachers are also parents. Where should the teacher take the problem with their children??

My class teacher consoled him and corrected him by saying it was wrong to blame Darshan alone, a boy’s character and reputaion was equally as important as a girl’s. But Bhavya’s father was not ready to listen, he wanted to take the matter to our headmaster without realizing that it would only make things worse leading to the embarrassment of his only child, as our headmaster would elaborate it and announce it in the prayer assembly in order to satisfy his urge to give speeches.

The next Monday was one of the longest Mondays of my life…..






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