The lone wolf.

Darshan had asked Bhavya out and the following weekend they had planned to go to a movie. Asking her out was the first challenge, her complaining to the teacher was the second and third one was arranging money for the tickets and snacks. He came to me and asked for the suggestion, I was like you asked her out, you figure it out, when he pestered me further, I advised him to arrange as much as possible and I will take care of the rest. I would always make such promises and get into mental anguish. He had arranged about 120 rupees from his saving and selling off scrap metal from his terrace to a old paper mart.Those were the days without multiplexes in Bangalore,  30 rupees per balcony ticket at a local theatre, 10 rupees for a bottle of coke and 5 rupees for a packet of cheap brand less popcorn. Going by this number, he needed about 90 rupees for the entire date, he had 30 rupees more in case of emergency. He asked me, at what time I will be able to join him, I wondered why would he need me when he is going on a date, but still agreed to go.

My father was posted in Chennai during those days, he would come to Bangalore every weekend by boarding train Friday evening, reach the same night spend the weekend here and leave to Chennai on Sunday night. I asked him for some money on Saturday morning stating I wanted to watch a movie, he gave me 100 rupees without asking a question, I converted the 100 ruppee note into 10 rupee  notes. On that day my mother had been to my native in Kundapura to attend a function, so I escaped from being subjected to the enquiries. After school on Saturday I rode as fast as I could and reached home and changed to my usual attire, a oversized printed T-shirt and wornout denim shorts, worn out denim were in trend even then, that dresscode of mine continues even today with untrimmed beard and balding pate being the exception.

We had decided to watch the movie at Uma Theatre in Chamrajpet, the show was at 4pm, I reached there at around 3:30, Darshan and Bhavya were already present there, he stayed few blocks to right of the bull temple road, on which the theatre is situated and she stayed few blocks to the left. I bought my ticket and went near them, asked them if we can go inside, to my shock she said Trupthi and Mansi , her friends who were with her on the day Darshan asked her out, would be joining. I wondered what all miseries I had to withstand because of this moron. In few minutes they joined and greeted us, I just gave a shallow smile, I hated them. They bought their tickets and we entered the cinema hall, we chose to sit in a singlr row to left of the right wall, Trupthi and Mansi went inside, Bhavya after them followed by Darshan and finally me, I chose sit in the corner just as a safety precaution, in case I find them to be a pain in the ass, I would have the required fluidity to move  to the next row and sit alone.

The movie started, Darshan and Bhavya were busy chatting and giggling all through the first half, so was the case with her friends. During the interval, Darshan and I went to the restroom, while coming back he requested me to give him some cash to buy cola and popcorn. I gave about 50 rupees and hid 20 rupees to eat the roadside sometime during the week.
We went in and sat where we were sitting before. Mansi noticed that I was bored from my facial expressions throughout the day, she called me to sit with her and Trupthi.I said I was fine and faked a smile. The banter  continued and I could no longer take it, stating I was not able follow the movie I went and in the front row, all alone.


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