The Proposal

The vacation ended, we had to return to the school, everyone were tensed about the midterm examination results. We knew teachers would distribute the answer sheets in public, they didnt care for a individual’s feelings, they didn’t care that few would be embarrassed of their performance. Darshan, Indrajith and I wouldn’t give a single flying fuck about our performance, as we had reached a state of mind that a single examination, that too a midterm examination which wasn’t even necessary to go to the next class, will not affect our future.

I knew Darshan was in love and he was a person without an ounce of shyness or fear, when it came to expressing his feelings, be it love or hate. He told me in lunch break that he will express his feelings to Bhavya in the following evening after school. As luck would have it Bhavya had topped the Sanskrit paper and it was the only paper that was distributed on that day. So she was in good mood, Darshan had passed it with such a score, that it was neither good nor bad. As mentioned he had stopped giving fucks, he was happy that he had passed and laughed off the insults thrown by our Sanskrit teacher, who was a hard task master and a sarcastic genius.

As the day ended, we pulled our cycles from the stand and waited outside the school day under the canopy of a magnificent gulmohar tree, I bought a piece of kachori from the street vendor who had brought freshly made, by spending 3 rupees of my emergency money for any unexpected cycle breakdown, strictly against my mother’s standing military instructions of not spending money without informing previously. She feared if I were to be given such liberty at such young age, that I may pick up the habit of smoking or drinking, which of course I tried , but did not get addicted.

Darshan waited patiently for Bhavya and her gang of girls to come, they did after few minutes. Bhavya was gleaming with pride and look of jealousy was evident on the face of her friends, which they failed miserably to cover-up and ended up being totally fake. She looked at me with an air of superiority, which ignored it owing to my love and respect towards my friend, secretly prayed she wouldn’t agree to go out with him, as I was not able to stand the sight of her back then, a bloody nerd.

Bhavya used to board the bus at a bus stop in front Basavangudi police station, two streets away from our school building, next to lush green Krishna Rao park. People used to go through the park to reach the bus stop instead of walking on the footpath skirting the park, as it was much closer. Similarly Bhavya and her gang entered the park, Darshan gave his cycle to Indrajith, who used to walk everyday to school, and entered the park behind the gang. He requested me to go with him, “fucking asshole” , I said within my breath and walked in. We walked next to the group, Darshan approached Bhavya and asked her “hey did watch AAPTHAMITRA ??”, her friends had noticed him stare her in the class, as soon as he asked they mockingly broke into a chorus, a song from that movie, ” RA RA, SARASAKU  RA RA” and started to giggle. I felt like killing myself after being a witness to such a banter.Bhavya haughtily replied, but with a slight blush on her face, “loafer! Why do you want to know?”. Darshan was a shameless ass, he replied with his tongue sticking out ” if you have not watched, shall we both go this weekend? Saturday evening , Sunday ??”. Girls giggled even more, Bhavya couldn’t control her smile any longer, and replied “Saturday I will bunk my tuition classes, and will tell I have an extra class at home”,  I was shocked beyond measure and open my mouth wide. Darshan was mad with joy, unable to suppress it and unable to hug her, he hugged me tight and planted a kiss on my cheek. I pushed him out immediately, like a reflex action. Girls bade us goodbye and proceeded towards the bus stop. We both turned back to collect our cycles and go home. Darshan started to hum a romantic tune and did a impromptu dance step. Fuckkkkkkk!!!! I was wondering what the fuck was actually happening and looked up towards the clear blue sky.


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