The injury.

The excitement of vacation gripped everyone’s mind, however the following day was Gandhi jayanthi and everyone had to attend the event without any excuse, but post exam celebration was absolutely necessary. Darshan and I went to swim in Basavangudi swimming pool, my brother who was still waiting for his college to start joined us directly at the pool.

We entered thepool after changing to swimming costume, we played in the shallow waters for some time, my brother pulled me towards the edge of pull to teach me how to swim, Darshan was an expert swimmer so he went into deep waters. First step to learn  how to swim is to learn how to float, so my took a deep breath, simultaneously stretched his arms ahead and plunged into water head on, after few seconds when his body started to float he kicked the wall and started moving front, when he had gained the required momentum he started pushing waters back. It seemed so simple to achieve that it took me few years, I am a slow learner, he asked me to do as he had done, I was able to hold breath owing my yoga practice, when I tried to kick the wall , I kicked the sharp edge of a broken tile, no one had noticed that the tile was broken. I cut deep into my right heel, I didnt feel any pain while in water because my leg had become cold, I did realize something cut my skin, I assumed it could be a small  scratch and started  to repeat, when my leg came to the brim level, my brother noticed that it was bleeding profusely. We got out of the pool and examined in the sun and found it was a deep cut, I started feeling severe pain, we changed immediately, after basic first aid at the pool, my brother took me to a clinic near our place, while I was being treated he went home to get cash for the treatment. My mother and grandmother after getting to know the news, assumed it was a severe injury and were panicking beyond measure.

Meanwhile at the clinic, a nurse started to get stitching equipment ready, to be sure I asked if it required a stitching, she said it was not necessary but would help in quicker healing, I enquired further if Anastasia was going to be administered, she started laughing and said it will be used only for higher complications not minor injuries as mine. Imagining the pain of stiching, I requested not to stich but only to bandage the would. She smiled and  agreed, while she was carrying out the procedure my brother came with the cash, found that I was okay and started mocking by calling me “Michael Phelps” owing to my misadventure.

After reaching home, firstly I had to tolerate the shoutings from my mother and advice from my grandmother, when she got to know I had refused for the wound being stiched, she raised her voice further to my stupidity. She asked my brother to take me to another doctor whom we regularly visited, after we reached that doctor’s clinic , doctor was a kind lady in her middle age, she examined my wound and said stitching was not necessary, however it would have been good if I had got it stiched but asked me keep the bandage as it was and prescribed few tablets. Later she advised me not to give up playing because of this injury and play even more.


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