The return of the legends.

After the suspension period got over, Darshan, Indrajith and I went back, initial humiliation had turned to  jubilation, we entered the classroom with an air of superiority, girls looked at us like we were criminals returning home and boys looked at us with admiration.

News of our suspension had reached Gunna, the notorious senior and a brilliant student, with whom Darshan had plotted to attack PMV few months back, he sent a guy to inform us to meet him, we left immediately like soldiers called by their king. We met him in the corridor outside boys’ toilet, it was a huge corridor, boys used to hangout there to resolve fights, change into school uniform after sports practice and hide after bunking a class. Gunna saw us and started laughing at us like a mad man and then he mockingly spoke ” it seems my legacy is going to continue even after I complete my term at the end of this year” , Darshan gleamed in pride, I was annoyed at being compared to a bully, even though he was the topper of his class. I replied with an arrogant tone “do not compare yourself with me, am not a third rated loafer like you” , Gunna was shocked and stunned at the same time and said “say that again you bastard” and punched my face, I replied “not once, I will say it a million times, you m####r f##k#r” and kicked him on his knees and gave a swift punch. Darshan was amazed beyond measure, when Gunna rose to attack me back , he stopped him angrily saying “I will never let anyone do anything to my friends”. Gunna shouted “you showed me your true colors, go now you bastards, am not going to spare you”.

News of me punching Gunna spread like wild fire in the school, I was the new sensation, deep within I was scared of the consequences. After school at tuitorial classes, I told my class teacher what had happened previously, he got mad at me for getting into yet another controversy, after classes he made me wait until class 10 students’ class time, called Gunna aside, made us apologize to each other and advised Gunna not to get involved in such petty fights as board exams were nearing and to me advised me to behave properly in future. I was relieved now as I knew Gunna would not go against my class teacher’s words and he maintained that.


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