The Unknown Brothers

Now that it was confirmed, Raghunath was having a crush on Vaidehi, he made sure Darshan and I would never fall in love with her, so he made us accept her as our ‘sister’. We were to keep a watch on her and make sure none would tease her. Of course it was a crappy of us to accept such a burden, first of all she wasn’t our sister and secondly Raghunath was too young for such things. But we did, as Raghunath was our friend and we wanted him to be happy.

The next day, Raghunath sat in the row adjacent to Vaidehi’s desk. It didn’t make sense, a guy like him sitting in first row, it creeped the shit out of me, creepy bastard he was. From the corner of the desk he would stare at her like a dog staring at a dish. She would do the same, things were getting weird, one day during lunch we found Raghunath discussing something from the text book with her, she was explaining him something from a chapter. These things were happening for quite sometime, Raghunath rarely came out with us, after tutorials he would quietly walk towards his cycle and pedal away, we called his home to invite him to our weekly cricket match, but his mother answered saying he was studying, we didn’t have the guts to tell her to hand the phone to him, we resumed our match without him, we realized it was because of Vaidehi’s he was avoiding us, she specifically would have mentioned Darshan for his uncouthness and me for my careless attitude towards everything. One day we saw Raghunath and Vaidehi’s coming out of our school canteen laughing, we saw Sashwat coming out with them,  Darshan lost his cool, he mumbled “bloody son of a bitch”, I wondered if it was pointed at Raghunath or Sashwat, at that moment it was perfect to both of them. One guy named Indrajith who was playing with us, passed a comment on Vaidehi accusing of misleading Raghunath, in vulgar way, even though we were mad at her, we beat him black and blue as we were the god forsaken ‘unknown brothers’ to her. As for Sashwat and me, that was the beginning of a rivalry that would last really very long.


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