The Reconciliation

After the incident that happened, I was mad beyond control, it wasn’t because of the punch I received, but for receiving it from a close friend, that caused the turmoil in my head. I felt betrayed, in a sunken mood iI rode to my tuitions, the news had already spread among my tuition classmates, they tried to speak to me, I silently went and sat at the end. Raghunath and Darshan arrived after me, Darshan tried to pull Raghunath near me, but Raghunath pushed him away, consciously turning away from me, Darshan sat next to me, our class teacher continued the physics’s chapter on magnetism from the previous day, upon completion of the class, I avoided everyone and quietly walked towards my bicycle.Darshan made others hold Raghunath with them while he forced me to come to a group meet in the parallel road.

Darshan pulled my palm towards Raghunath, but Raghunath deliberately turned away, I was pissed and pulled my hand back. Darshan was noted for his foul-mouthed vocabulary, he started his sacred chant pointing towards us.  Everyone was used to Darshan’s melodramatic behavior, Raghunath and I glanced at each other, with a look of irritation towards Darshan’s antics, I couldn’t help but smile involuntarily, to which Raghunath smiled back, both of us shook hands, and mockingly pushed Darshan away. Raghunath explained the reason why he was angry on me, it was because I hadn’t reacted enough to the incident.He had expected, that his best friend would stand by his side during the time of difficulty, but that wasn’t a difficulty at all, it was just a harmless incident. 

I decided that I had to prove my loyalty to my friends, hence planned with Darshan and Raghunath to teach Mahesh a lesson worth remembering, so the following day at the school I pulled Mahesh to a side, Raghunath and Darshan were waiting. As soon as Mahesh was seen by Raghunath, he came to punch him, but I had to stop him from doing it. I made a stern statement saying no one was to get physical. Mahesh said he was apologetic about the incident, he did it only as a joke, but Raghunath was furious and replied he was okay with teasing, but not with her, Darshan interrupted asking why specifically her, to which he replied he had a deep crush on her. We almost fainted listening to it, slowly we burst out laughing, it lightened the mood, Raghunath was blushing, we lifted him, made him sit on our shoulders and started jumping. So the enmity was forgotten, we promised him that we would keep it a secret and stand and support him at all times.


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