Raghunath gets angry.

Raghunath was always a calm and composed guy, but very few people knew his temper,which was just like a volcano. He was popular among girls, among them was a girl named Vaidehi, she was very shy and reserved, we had noticed her stare at him once in a while and consciously turn away after getting to know that me and Darshan were observing. This used to happen quite frequently, obviously every boy had noticed, this so happened one day, Vaidehi was entering classroom after finishing her break, while our gang of three along with few boys were still playing in the ground, there was a class clown named Mahesh, upon seeing her enter the classroom started shouting Raghunath’s name mockingly at her, she was shocked and was too young to take it sportingly, tears welled up in her eyes and she started to sob. Of course all girls went to her rescue, in the process fuelling up the drama. Then we three entered the classroom after our game, we were initially surprised to see so many girls surrounding the first bench of the right row, just like eagles surrounding a piece of meat, after getting to know about the incident, Raghunath didn’t react, he quietly went to his place and sat, I was indeed amazed at his reaction, but it was just a lull before a storm, that we hadn’t guessed at that point of time. The teacher named Mrs.Indumathi entered the classroom, I was happy that hour would go waste while resolving this issue, she made us settle down, after taking the attendance she got back to the issue, her first action was to punish Raghunath and Mahesh, Raghunath for no fault of his and Mahesh for his affability, as expected the girls would always go scott free. Those two were made to stand in front of the black board in full view of the class, boys were indeed amused and girls loooked at them as if they were involved some major crime, Mahesh showed no remorse but Raghunath remained straight-faced, Mrs.Indumathi gave each of them a caning on their palm made them apologize to Vaidehi, after that she resumed her teaching, the next period was physical training and following two periods were free as the teacher responsible was on leave. We walked in a queue to the playground, we hurriedly made teams and started playing football. Girls went and sat in the pavilion consoling Vaidehi, few among them started playing volleyball. After playing for sometime we stopped to catch a breath and sat on the ground, mocking Mrs.Indumathi’s mannerism and accent, Mahesh was amused about the incident that happpened previously, he mimicked her and also Vaidehi, we did find it funny, Raghunath loosened a bit and smiled, that was endomorphins doing the job. Few girls who observed our little celebration pulled Vaidehi towards us, certified we were shameless and insensitive. Hearing those words, I sarcastically asked what those words meant, Vaidehi gave me a angry look, a girl named Shravya said Vaidehi was going to take the issue to her parents, that did strike a chord, I interrupted saying all these things were the things that actually defined school life, somehow convinced them to take it as a joke and made them laugh to few of our jokes, we were relieved to see Vaidehi smile finally, the cool evening breeze did cool everyone. As soon as the girls left the scene, Raghunath, all of a sudden punched Mahesh on the face, started abusing him very badly, Mahesh, even though he was the class clown, he wasn’t Shashwat, he was quick to punch him back, I tried to pull Raghunath away, but got punched by him, I too lost my calm and punched him back angrily, and left for the classroom, picked my bag and walked towards the cycle stand.


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