The Revenge!

Darshan was boiling with rage, he had totally forgotten about Sashwat and somehow held PMV responsible for his embarrassment over his stupidity. He wanted to settle scores with PMV, yet not get into trouble again, he said he wanted to beat the crap out of him in public, like a mafia lord planning to execute his enemy, then like a normal high school kid worrying about the consequences, me and Raghunath listened carefully as though that moron was delivering an important presentation. Finally a plan came out of his “malevolent mind”, he wanted to cause physical damage to PMV and yet make it look like an accident, and, yes, he used to watch a lot of low grade movies, to come up with such ideas. PMV used to commute by public transport, he had to walk from school  gate till the bus stop, while he would be walking, our “Don” would pedal his bicycle on the footpath and collide with him from behind. He also planned to mess up with his brakes, so as to make it look even more convincing. We were so impressed with his plan, we really thought he would end up ruling the underworld one day, for every sentence of his plan, he used to tell he wasn’t scared of anyone, maybe because he sensed our admiration towards him, or to cover up his fear, although he still claims he wasn’t scared. Finally the D-day arrived, he eagerly waited for the day to conclude, hours might have seemed like months to him,  he sat with an attitude of that of a soldier getting ready for the war, he behaved haughtily with everyone that day. He ran out of the class as soon as the bell rang towards the bicycle stand, he held his bicycle and waited for PMV to come out, he shouted at anyone whoever asked him the reason for not moving out of the bicycle stand. The crowd slowly got reduced, and PMV came out along with his colleague and high school , Darshan slowly pedalled  behind him, and waited for the next course of action, as soon as PMV reached the bus stop,  Darshan anxiously waited for PMV’s colleague  to get into a bus and leave, as  soon he got into a bus, PMV was waiting alone for his bus. Darshan was about to leave, Raghunath came running and informed about a freak accident where a guy was killed after falling from a bike and his head being hit without any visible wounds, after listening this Darshan got scared and aborted the mission, saying, after all PMV was still his teacher and he had to respect him, but Raghunath came up with an idea of causing injury to PMV by kicking a football on his feet and make it look it happend my mistake, Darshan seemed impressed with that idea and wanted to carryout that idea, in contrast with his dialouge earlier, at last we saw PMV get on the bus and we turned towards Dashan, saw him with  an expession of a chivalrous king.


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