Independence Day aftermath,

After that episode on Independence Day, the following day was a Monday, and our headmaster was so humiliated and angered he announced in the prayer hall, which was called as the quadrangle, our school like the nation as mentioned the previous day by the freedom fighter was going to the dogs, as it was being the dwelling place of future rowdies, our headmaster was a melodrama and metaphor expert, he would compare vaguest of the things, although he made sense this time, after completing his usual act, he called out the “revolutionaries” from our class to come on stage so that entire school would have them their role models, he twisted each of their ears and gave them a caning.

Another teacher PMV, who apparently “taught” Kannada, but no one remembers him teaching anything in class except making us write the entire chapters in our notebooks and punishing  whoever did not.PMV said the youngsters were getting spoilt and there was another bad incident in another school called National Higher Secondary School, which also has history and tradition like our school.

Although it was a small accident about a student ramming his bicycle to a bhelpuri vendor’s cart and nothing had happened to either the student nor the vendor, PMV argued that the young generation had to be severely punished, of course, I am, after all these years, still trying to figure out in what way was that NHSS incident, an indication of the degradation of our generation’s morale, our headmaster once again grabbed the mic and announced that our nation’s future was bleak, as well-mannered and intelligent students from few completely private institutions would work hard and finally get into USA and work for them and students from our type of government aided schools would become nothing but a burden to the nation.

I totally feel those private institutions are nothing but money laundering organizations and train their students to not to think but only follow orders, in a way our school taught us how to think and not follow orders blindly.

The punishment and drama continued eating away first few periods of that day for entire school and there was look of exasperation on few dedicated teachers as they had lot syllabi to complete. Finally all these nonsense came to an end, we went into our classrooms, Sashwat and Darshan walked slowly into our class,  everybody’s eyes were on them, Sashwat went to his desk, lied down and started weeping bitterly, while Darshan sat next to me took a vow, if I can recall these were the exact words he said, “Macha! Am not going to spare that mother f#@%$r PMV, bloody son of a b*#@h!!!!” we couldn’t control our laughter, he got angry on us and showed us the middle finger on both his hands, we calmed him down.

Later that day during lunch he went alone to meet a 10th grader named Ganesh Prasad, but was called Gunna by all, he was kind of a rowdy in the making then, although a famous cardiac surgeon now. He asked Gunna to help him trash PMV for insulting him in public, Gunna was a notorious student although very brilliant and always topped the class, but Gunna, whose ego was massaged by Darshan, replied with an air of superiority that it wasn’t the right time to attack PMV, Darshan would get into trouble as PMV would have kept an eye on him, he also had some scores to settle with PMV and will definitely inform him so that he could join him.


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