Independence Day

After a hectic week because of the first test, we had a reason to celebrate and enjoy, as it was 15th August, and there will be celebrations in school, flag hoisting, music and speeches, although we hated speeches, we loved other stuff. We were instructed to come early and assemble in the prayer hall, we boys sat in lines that belonged to our class and girls in corridors skirting the prayer hall.

A freedom fighter was our chief guest, after hoisting the flag and paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi he spoke about the freedom struggle prior to 1947, how many times they were put in prison during the struggle and how the nation was going to dogs post-independence because of corrupt politicians, after his speech our headmaster sang a patriotic song, he always used to fancy himself as Mohammed Rafi, finally the event came to an end.

The chief guest had come in his car and had parked it in a space overlooking our headmaster’s chamber windows, after the event chief guest was having a discussion with our headmaster over coffee, meanwhile, Darshan was angry on Sashwat because of his comment on the former’s test score during the event, that verbally blew out of proportion, two of them calling out the name of other one’s family.

Darshan was from a rough and tough locality, while Sashwat was from a very soft and disciplined family background but had picked up few words owing to the influence of our legendary school. Darshan pulled Sashwat by his collar and gave him swift punch for badmouthing his mother, Sashwat wasn’t strong enough to punch him back but pushed him towards the chief guest’s car as if in a reflex and was about to run away, but Darshan pulled again and shouted few swear words at him and slapped him once more, they got involved completely in the fight didn’t notice the surroundings and ended up breaking the chief guest’s right wing mirror much to the shock of the chief guest and embarrassment of  our headmaster who were watching from inside.

Two attenders came running from nowhere and pulled these two inside our headmaster’s chamber, we all went near the headmaster’s door, those attenders pushed us away, so, me, Raghunath and few of our friends waited in the cycle stand for these two to come out,  almost an hour later we saw our chief guest drive out of our school premises, few minutes later these two came out, they walked slowly towards the cycle stand, we could see that both of their eyes were wet and faces red, out impulse we asked them what had happened, they didn’t speak and anything, Darshan slowly picked his bicycle and started pushing it towards the exit, even we pushed our cycles, Sashwat even though he hated us, slowly walked with us, we reached the bus stop.Sashwat slowly apologized to Darshan for starting everything, Darshan was basically egoistic in nature, so refused to accept his apology, Raghunath lost his cool and slapped Darshan and asked him to accept Sashwat’s apology and also to apologize him, we made them shake hands, waited till Sashwat got a bus and left after that.

Darshan explained they were punished severely for their behaviour, when headmaster was about to call their parents and inform them about the incident our class-teacher came to their rescue and stopped him doing so; chief guest accepted their apology and didn’t even bother to collect the money for the damages caused. He advised them to mend their ways so that they become good citizens in future, which they are now and leading a very good life now.


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