First test

As good times never last forever, we had a rude shock in the form of the unit test which we got to know a fortnight before its schedule, nerds and girls got on their toes immediately, while I and my gang stayed impervious to the news, nothing could change us, not any exam or for that matter any known or unknown force on earth, so we thought. Finally the day before the exams arrived and our asses were on fire, Raghunath was the most studious guy in my gang, I called him and his mother answered and said he had gone out, it was definitely was a lie to protect her son from “evil spirits” aka his friends, not knowing what to do, I glanced through the books, first day was Sanskrit and Maths, Sanskrit was a bit easy as I had paid attention and the teachers were able to grasp our attention successfully as for math, owing to my previous education board which was much tougher than the new board, maths was doable. Next day was filled with excitement and tension among the 8th graders while the 9th and 10th graders were a lot relaxed and having a nice time preparing chits, I learnt for the first time how to work as a team in order to clear future tests from my seniors. We finally entered the test hall; I was allotted a seat behind my classmate named Bhavya. We were made to sit three members in a desk, 10th, 9th and 8th graders respectively. First paper was Sanskrit, in the paper there was a paragraph of a poem which we were supposed to memorize, however I failed to recall it, not knowing what to do, I silently asked Bhavya to show me the answer, to which she was terrified and refused to help, after coming out of the hall I gave a angry look to her, yeah, she looked cute. While coming out Sashwat gave me a nasty look, to which I responded by showing my middle finger and walked towards my gang. Darshan was terrified to the core because of his performance in the test, we were trying to cheer him up, and finally he gained his cool. Maths was difficult, but I managed to answer few questions. Remaining four subjects were science, social studies, English and Kannada, they all were a cake walk, finally first test was actually over; teachers got busy evaluating our answers sheets and some of them would have had lot of fun reading at our answers especially in languages and social studies. Except maths my performance in other subjects were kind of good, our class teacher who was also my tutorial teacher was angry at my math score, he scolded me and started giving me more home assignments so as to improve my performance in future. Everyone was happy that the test was over and they all had scored decently, moreover no one took those tests seriously, except Sashwat, he was pissed as I had scored more than him in science, it might have seemed like shoving chillies up his ass to him. Evenings were reserved for tutorials, cycling, hockey practice and occasionally studies.


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