First few days….

It was in the year 2004, 2nd of June, Wednesday, a batch of 13 years olds were starting a crucial episode of their life, I was one among them, after completing after completing my middle school from a posh private school, had joined Basavanagudi Higher Secondary School, for high school.

I was put in class 8, section D, which was a first language Sanskrit section, owing to my average height I sat in the middle row, next to a nerdy asshole named Sashwat Bhat, who eventually became every teacher’s pet, who now is pursuing a career as a software engineer in some company and that bastard still nurtures a strong hatred towards me, maybe I deserve to be hated.

After introducing myself as Bhaskar Holla to him and other two boys, Suraj and Adithya, who were sitting with me in that desk.I started checking out the girls in my classroom, that’s what boys usually do, no one caught my eye, the teacher entered the class and did regular stuff like calling out the rolls and introduced himself as RKK and taught physics, he was in his mid-thirties and was a efficient teacher

The day was followed by Sanskrit, Math, Biology, English prose, Kannada prose and Sanskrit grammar.    Sanskrit was a indeed very interesting, teachers allotted for both prose-poetry and grammar were very experienced and taught interestingly, it was one of my favourite subjects.

The day finally came to an end, I met Raghunath and Darshan, while walking towards the gate, they happened know each other since their previous schools also they happened to be second cousins, they were more close as friends than as cousins, aspiring cricket players they both were, and the school had a long history of producing national and international players.

I found them to be more of my type and decided to sit with them from the next day.

As soon as I reached my home, my mother asked me about my first day of school, I replied it seemed better than my previous posh school named Mount Joy’s, and casually entered my room which I shared with my elder brother, after being alarmed by the sound of door knob sound made by me, I sensed my brother click the mouse button and found him staring at the empty screen with windows XP logo, and speaker turned off.

He had been admitted to computer science engineering after finishing his 12th, was waiting for the commencement of his college.

He asked for the sake of having a conversation and to divert my eyes away from the monitor screen, how my first day was, slightly annoyed at being disturbed from his “romance with the monitor screen”, I knowing the rivalry between Mount Joy’s and my school, said it was million times better than Mount Joy’s, my brother who was a complete Mount Joy’s alumnus unlike me, was even more irritated and kicked me out of the room, and I guess he resumed whatever he was doing earlier.

Next day at school it was even more introduction session, getting to know each other and such stuff, I sat wit with Ragunath and Darshan in the last desk shared few school-level vulgar jokes and few incidents that may or may not have happened in our school in the past, I had heard few stories from my brother from his point of view and few from my older cousin brother who also was an alumnus of our school, most of it exaggerated, giving superhero status to few school bullies and their “legendary” courage, we found it very interesting in those days, in fact we idolized few of them.

During lunch hour me, Raghunath and Darshan roamed the corridors, meeting few of the “legendary” heroes, whom they knew as they all were from the same locality called Chamrajpet, which was near to our school and notoriously infamous for rowdyism and political activities, perhaps those “legendary” heroes were influenced by those activities and few of them were already rowdies in the making as they were way out of the track.

We got to know of various activities that took place in our school such as the NCC, scouts, SAFE- Student Association of Fire Education and numerous other sports activities.

Raghunath enrolled for NCC and cricket selection that were to take place the following day, I enrolled for the school hockey team although I had no prior experience in playing that sport, surprisingly I got selected and as for Darshan he joined scouts.

As per the time table school ground was reserved for NCC during Monday and Wednesday mornings, Friday evening were for Scouts and Guides and weekends for cricket practice, also there was a club called Heron’s which trained our school cricket team.

And for hockey practice the school team used to go to a nearby playground called the Madhavan Park, which at times held local matches for various sports.

We used to run three rounds in the track as warm-up and then we used to start the practice for the game.

NCC, scouts and guides, cricket and hockey made us get acquainted with our seniors and how to break rules of school from their experiences. Those activities made us quiet popular among our classmates.

Our school had a practice of having school elections for the posts of student vice president, student secretary and for class representative of all sections, although it was just for the namesake, we took it seriously, those little things meant a lot then.

Student vice president and student secretary post were meant only for 10th grade students, while 5 members from a class were allowed to contest for the post of class representative of that particular class, and for student vice president and secretary only two students from each of the seven sections were allowed to contest, only they were allowed to canvas for their friends.

It so happened, a guy from 10th ‘A’ named Praveen and a girl from 10th ‘D’ named Akshara, had mutual feeling towards each other, but lacked guts to express them, although the whole school knew about it except the teacher fraternity, so everyone decided to elect them and in a way support their feelings, such things used to be a lot fun, now it’s just a deep pain in the arse, I mean when we ourselves have lot of things on our plate and who would ever find time for all such nonsense of others, so we all made them win and there was a sense of achievement and pride in uniting the young love birds. When it came to our class, I was the first class representative of BHSS “D” section of the batch 2004-2007, it was the greatest feeling second only to seeing Spandana Kamat for the first time, which happened one year and a half later.


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