High School.

Trip Down The memory lane

I entered my room the previous night, after a very cumbersome and monotonous day, as usual the room was a mess and unusually I was irritated. Got an urge from nowhere to clean it up, I started sorting out the things, books- old text books, magazines and my collection of general books, watches-had quite a number of them, working and not working, CDs- movies, numerous software and dad’s collection of old Hindi songs, which, he is too lazy to put into the player, yet doesn’t allow me to discard them either.

Among the things I found was an old autograph book, which i had totally forgotten, I lazily turned few pages, the name that struck a chord was, Spandana Kamat, I had butterflies in my stomach, she was a long forgotten ray of sunshine, she was my, what the high school kids call as, my first crush. And all the memories associated with her, early morning tutorial class, her bright eyes, ever smiling face, hair tied into a single plait and over all lovely persona.

Then my additional tutorial classes, at my class teacher’s residence, where students used to attend from different schools as well as from our school, my group of friends over there, and people who hated me, yes, there were lot of them, I never felt anything different about them either. All the nuisance that were caused by me and my two best friends then, Raghunath and Darshan, with whom am still in touch, but too busy with their lives, like I am with my own as of now, Engineering is not a satisfying job socially, so ain’t research, which I managed to find after gluing my ass on the chair for months after working for few months over a year in a IT firm after completing Mechanical Engineering, preparing for GATE and making it to IISc, Bangalore, and two years squeezing my brains while in there. Finally a broody scientist came to meet his own fun, carefree and crazy self from the past. I came across a old note book, which I was using in my 9th grade, the one book that had notes of all subjects, of course incomplete, caricatures of our teachers and other stuff like scores of a popular classroom sport called pen fight. Feeling renewed I went out to get some fresh air, feeling very nostalgic, then to my backyard and took a look at my old bicycle, which was covered with dust, I mentally made a note to get it ready by the following afternoon, thinking how it was the greatest love of my life in the past, smilling and with million memories flowing out like a river from the old pages of my brain, I dozed off.


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